Two Minute Tuesday: Carrot Stamping

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Some days it is not always possible to spend bags of time putting together activities and making resources. So I decided to start a new series, a couple of times a month showing activities that can be quickly put together using everyday household resources.


This week we did some carrot stamping!


I had a rabbit-shaped card in the Graze box last week and thought it’d be great for stencilling around so I hang onto it. I drew around it onto some coloured paper and cut them out.


I decided to use finger paints to print with as I knew that Sophia would want to get her hands stuck in to it as well. Obviously, normal children’s paint is just as good!

Snapshot 1 (05-05-2015 15-08)

The thing that I loved about stamping with carrots is that they are easier for little one’s to hold and they can print with much more precision than the traditional potato.

Snapshot 2 (05-05-2015 15-09)

It was a quick and fun activity and Sophia created some beautiful artwork which she was very proud of.


Give this two minute activity a go and see what your little one creates!


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