Review: Kidsbox from Graze

Kidsbox Graze box review

I’ve been a big fan of Graze for some time now and I order a box every fortnight. Now Sophia (2.3yrs) is getting a little older, she notices the Graze punnets I sometimes have in hand and delights in sharing with me. I noticed on their website that they do a Kidsbox and decided I would give them a go and see what we thought. The box specifies that it’s suitable from 3 years but I think Sophia is old enough to enjoy one.

The format of the boxes is much the same as the adult Graze boxes. You choose a day for delivery and rate the snacks, choosing one’s you’d like to be sent through the ‘send soon’ option. I like that you can choose the day but even if you aren’t in during delivery it’s not a problem as the boxes are the perfect size to fit through the letter box. Very handy!


Our box arrived on the day we’d chosen and I noticed that Sophia’s name was on the front and on the little paper slip inside which I thought was a lovely touch. Sophia doesn’t yet recognise her name but I can imagine for older children it would be wonderful receiving a special parcel through the post with their name on!


The box is decorated in a fun and eye-catching way. I loved the eyes peeking out! Sophia enjoyed pretending that the box was a “scary monster” and frightening her little brother and I! On the inside is a little activity to design your own snack and think about what it’d look like and what ingredients you would need; a fab idea to get little one’s thinking about their food. There was also some word games on the information leaflet which would enthral older children I’m sure.


One real benefit to using Graze for children (and indeed, adults) is the quality of ingredients used. They contain no nasties like preservatives or sweeteners which is excellent for keeping an eye on what is going into little tummies.


Onto the snacks! We received four little punnets along with a paper slip detailing the nutritional information which is always good to have a look at. We received:


Ketchup Soldiers:


Sophia’s first choice! She was dying to tuck into these as she loves ketchup. It tasted very ‘tomatoey’ and of good quality, it wasn’t super sugary like some ketchup can be which was great. The breadsticks are herby and crunchy with just the right amount of dip to breadstick. Being able to dip the breadsticks made the snack more special than normal and Sophia delighted in loading the sticks up before gobbling them.

Jaffa Flapjack:


A really generously sized flapjack that is split into three for ease of eating. If I hadn’t have been sharing with Sophia I’d probably have split the snack over a few days as it would’ve been a little too much for her age. Tasty, sweet oats with a tangy orange flavouring made this snack delicious!

Very Berry Blast:


Sophia loves dried fruit so I knew this would go down a storm and I wasn’t wrong! It’s a mix of cranberries, cherry flavour raising, yogurt coated strawberry and raspberry laces. It was so flavoursome. We especially loved the laces!

Crunch Bunch:


A tasty crunchy snack that we demolished over some favourite books on a rainy afternoon. These snacks were the perfect size for little hands and I liked that they provided all of the crunch of crisps but without the nasties.




Overall we were really impressed with the Kidsbox from Graze. They cost £3.89 per box and while I wouldn’t get one every week they are certainly something I’d consider once or twice a month or as a special treat. I love the idea of having convenient and tasty snacks that are also healthy and good for the little ones. We loved everything in our box and give it a big thumbs up!


{Disclaimer: I purchased the Graze box myself to try out and share my genuine opinion}

Have you tried Graze? What is your little one’s favourite healthy snack?


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