Play Dough Pizzeria

Play Dough Pizzeria

Get creative with play dough, card and toppings to create some delicious pizza and develop little one’s creativity!

EYFS Areas Developed:

  • Physical: fine motor skill development through pressing toppings into the dough
  • Expressive Arts & Design: developing imagination through play based on real life experiences, using objects to represent food
  • Understanding the World: in pretend play, imitating everyday actions and events from own experiences

The other day I got a package in the post that came in a flat, square box just like a pizza box. I made a pizza label to go onto the box and cut out a cardboard circle as a pizza base, putting it into a pie pan for extra authenticity.


I used some red play dough to act as the tomato sauce as I thought it would help the toppings to stick onto the pizza.


The toppings we used were red buttons (which I thought looked like pepperoni), green ribbon pieces (resembling green pepper or spinach) and finely cut yellow paper (for cheesiness).


I try and include Sophia in my cooking as much as possible and she knew what to do with the resources to create a pizza. Complete with a chef’s hat!


We started the activity outside but it was a little windy and the toppings started to blow away so we moved back inside!



Sophia poked, pressed and prodded the toppings into the pizza to create her tasty pizza.



We then took it to her play kitchen to put into the oven to cook. We spoke about the oven being hot and to be very careful.


Whilst it was cooking we arranged our plates and napkins ready to enjoy our feast!


I cut the pizza up using scissors to create individual slices that we then pretended to devour.


Sophia really got into the role-play and would keep pausing to rub her tummy saying “yummy” or to dab her mouth with her napkin.


I love how ‘complete’ this activity is. Going right from creating the pizza to role-playing eating it and eventually washing up.


It’s a great way to play with your child and to model all kinds of skills, such as cooking, oven safety, table manners and tidying away.


Ways you could extend this activity:

  • ask older children to write a menu of different choices of toppings
  • introduce money to the role-play, pricing up the pizza and using money to pay

We loved this activity and can’t wait to create some more pizza soon!

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