Play Dough Mermaid Tails

Get creative by designing and decorating Mermaid tails using play dough, beads and lentils!

Creating Mermaid tails with play dough

This play dough activity is simple to set up and encourages creativity and fine motor skills through moulding and decorating mermaid tails. It is an activity that lends itself so well to a nautical theme; perfect for Summer.

Mermaid Play Dough

We made up a batch using our Perfect Play Dough Recipe which is a no cook recipe that turns out perfect every time we make it. This time we added some additions into the recipe; some blue food colouring
and some fine, blue glitter flakes to give it a nautical feel.

Mermaid Play Dough Tails (7)

It was set out as an invitation to play. In a three-part dip tray I added the dough, a selection of beads
and gems and some dried corn kernels and lentils. I thought the lentils would be great for creating a scale-y effect. Then I added some Playmobil people (from our Meadow Path
set). Any plastic people could be used so have a look around your home or setting.

Mermaid Play Dough Tails (6)

Mermaid Play Dough Tails (2)

Mermaid Play Dough Tails (9)

S (2.4yrs) needed a little support to mould the play dough onto the mermaids as tails but independently decorated it. She loved carefully adding her decorations on and spent a long time at the activity making sure each one was just right. This activity was fantastic for developing precision and fine motor skills as each small bead had to be picked up and placed down with care.

Mermaid Play Dough Tails (8)

Mermaid Play Dough Tails (4)

We had lots of fun making the mermaids swim around. After our activity we read the wonderful The Singing Mermaid
by Julia Donaldson which linked in fantastically.

S loved the activity so much that the morning after it was the first thing she asked to do, I can be this activity becoming a very firm favourite!

Mermaid Play Dough Tails Sq

Accompanying books (click-able links):

EYFS Areas Developed:

  • Expressive Arts & Design: creates effects using a range of materials, manipulates materials for a planned effect.
  • Physical: handles malleable materials with increasing control.

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