Ocean and Beach Discovery Bottles

Make a set of beach and ocean discovery bottles as a sensory addition to your toddler or baby’s toy box. They are easy to make, use household ingredients and make an engaging toy for little ones.

Ocean and Beach Discovery Bottles

Discovery bottles are a wonderful way to introduce babies and toddler to different materials that they may not have access to otherwise. They are the perfect receptacle for liquids and small parts and for creating different effects.

This set of beach and ocean discovery bottles are perfect for letting little learners explore the sights and sounds of the beach as part of their everyday play.

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The Ocean Discovery Bottle

I had seen the wonderful Ocean Discovery Bottle from Happy Hooligans and thought it created a fantastic effect that I just knew my two little ones would love. We adapted it slightly to include some glittery flakes! You will need:

  • a clean, plastic bottle
  • some water
  • blue food colouring (we use these Wilton Food Colour Gels
  • silver glitter
  • oil (we used baby oil but any would work well)

Fill the bottle three quarters full of water and add a drop of blue food colouring in. Give it a mix together.

Add in as much glitter as you like, we used about a tablespoon worth and then top up the bottle with the oil.

Screw the lid on and give the bottle a good shake; this is a fun part for children to get involved with!

It is advised to glue the lid shut using either hot glue or superglue to make sure the lid is completely secured and will not come open.

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The beach discovery bottle

This bottle uses dry ingredients only. You will need:

  • a clean, plastic bottle
  • some sand
  • some shells

Fill the bottle about three quarters with sand (you want to make sure there is enough space for the sand and shells to clatter around).

Add in the shells and gently turn up and down to distribute them evenly.

Again, make sure the lid is glued shut for safety.

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Both bottles provide such different effects but work so well together; the bubbly, glistening effect of the ocean bottle versus the dry, calming beach bottle with it’s relaxing sounds make a perfect partnership!

Ocean Beach Sensory Bottles 12

We found the bottles a great activity for S (2.4yrs) to look at before bedtime because of the soothing properties.

Ocean Beach Sensory Bottles 7

H (6months) loved watching the contents of the bottles move and change as he turned and shook them, making it a brilliant gross motor toy as well as super sensory.

Ocean Beach Sensory Bottles 9

Ocean Beach Sensory Bottles 1

Have you made discovery bottles? What is your favourite things to put inside them? I’d love to hear from you over on the Wings and Roots Facebook page!

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