Frozen Oobleck and Cloud Dough Sensory Play

Frozen Oobleck Cloud Dough Sensory Play

After playing with our Oobleck Sensory Farm, it felt such a shame to throw it away once we were finished. Naturally I took to Pinterest to see if I could recycle and reuse it once again. I came across a pin and article by Trisha over at Inspiration Laboratories that suggested freezing it. Perfect! So that’s what I did, I spooned the Oobleck into a silicone mould I had; it was a bug shaped one so added even more interest.


I decided to create a sensory tub using Cloud Dough, the Oobleck and some leaves. I think it creates a bug-themed sensory experience and encourages little ones to explore.



Surprisingly the Oobleck is completely different when frozen, instead of thawing into a sticky liquid as I suspected it would, it thaws into a soft powdery substance. Sophia had lots of fun pulling little bits of the frozen Oobleck apart and mixing it in with the cloud dough.




Once all of the Oobleck had thawed the cloud dough was beautiful, littered with bright blue and green specs.


We thought that we would have even more fun and added half a jug of warm water to the tub…oh my goodness; this made for very messy play! Sophia got stuck right in and mixed it all together. It was great for encouraging descriptive language; slimy, sticky and squishy were a few of the words we used.




Overall we really loved this activity and would definitely do it again! It’s a really great way to begin to bring science into your little one’s play.


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