Fine Motor Tray :: Craft Punches and Papers

Set up a simple tray activity using craft punches and paper to increase fine motor control and strengthen muscles.

Craft Punches Fine Motor Activity

This week we set up a super simple fine motor activity using some craft punches and different kinds of paper. The craft punches are brilliant for strengthening finger and hand muscles as well as creating fun shapes.

To recreate this activity, you will need:

  • A selection of craft punches
    or a hole punch
  • A selection of papers; we used craft paper
    , tin foil and some of S’s artwork from another day

Craft Punch Fine Motor Activity 1

Craft Punch Fine Motor Activity 2

Craft Punch Fine Motor Activity 3

S (2.5 yrs) enjoyed selecting the paper and punches to use. She needed a little support to thread the papers into the punches but loved pressing down to punch out the shape. The tin foil seemed to be her favourite and the easiest to cut through.

Craft Punch Fine Motor Activity 6

I added a small dip bowl onto the tray for S to collect the paper shapes she had cut out. The cuttings would be perfect to add to collages.

Craft Punch Fine Motor Activity 5

S loved this activity and we’ve had it out most days since. Such a simple selection of resources but so much fun and learning to ne had!

Craft Punch Fine Motor Activity 4

I am learning…

  • to concentrate on the task in hand :: Communication and Language
  • to handle tools with increasing control and precision :: Physical
  • to use simple tools to effect changes to materials :: Physical

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