Edible Finger Paint Recipe

edible finger paints for babies

Whip up a batch of these edible finger paints using only two ingredients!

EYFS Areas Developed:

  • Physical: making marks in paint
  • Expressive Arts & Design: explores and experiments paints through sensory play

Harrison is six months now and I really want to start getting him more involved in the activities we do to help support his development as he grows. I’d seen some recipes for homemade finger paints but lots seemed complicated and relied heavily on the use of cornflour or regular flour which I wasn’t keen on him consuming too much of.

I thought about mixing yogurt and food colours to create some paints and gave it a go. To my surprise it worked really well and made some wonderful paints for us to play with.

I mixed two dollops of Greek yogurt in some washed yogurt pots with a tiny amount of food colouring (we use Wilton Food Gels) and that’s all there was to it! I found Greek yogurt is quite thick which makes a better consistency for the finger paints and easier to handle.


I mixed up five colours and dotted them along Harrison’s highchair tray. For Sophia (2.3yrs) I provided her with a tray and the paints and let her dollop as she pleased. It was really lovely to have them both doing the same activity but getting different things out of it.



Harrison loved mixing the colours up watching as the paint squelched through his fingers. He of course gave the paint quite a large lick and decided he enjoyed it! He opened and closed his fingers to create marks on his tray in between grinning widely.




Sophia enjoyed mixing the colours together and telling me all about what she was doing. She started mixing the paints in the little pots and telling me that she was making us cake and pudding. She gave the paint a little lick too but wasn’t too keen on the taste.




She then started turning the pots over and began making ‘sandcastles’.


We had some wonderfully messy and creative fun with these finger paints and will definitely be making them again! My two were swiftly popped into the bath after this because they were covered but I can confirm that these paints didn’t stain their clothes.


Because these paints are yogurt they cannot be kept and need to be used on the day you’ve made them.

I also made a video tutorial on this recipe so take a look!

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