Dough Mosaics

Recently I spotted a big pack of 600 colourful beads in Aldi’s reduced section for £3.99. I wasn’t really sure what I’d do with them but just couldn’t leave them there! On Friday afternoon we got to use them in an activity that worked really well; we made mosaics!


EYFS Areas Developed:

  • Expressive Arts & Design: exploring and using materials for a purpose
  • Physical: developing fine motor control

We whipped up a batch of my Sensory Squishy Dough and patted it into rounds. Then we got to work!


We pushed the beads into the rounds of dough. It was such a soothing activity, choosing the beads and creating patterns. It was the perfect calming activity for a drizzly Friday afternoon.


The pushing action was great for fine motor development as Sophia really had to apply quite a bit of precision and pressure to get the bead where she wanted it.


Whilst making our mosaics, I encouraged Sophia to talk about the colours she was choosing and where she was putting them.



Older children will probably strive to create a pattern with their beads which will help to develop their Mathematical knowledge of making arrangements with shapes.


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