DIY Sponge Stampers for Painting

DIY Sponge stampersArt and craft resources can become expensive to keep purchasing so it’s great when every day objects can be utilised to become part of your art box and given a new purpose.

EYFS Areas Developed:

  • Physical: developing fine motor control through pressing and lifting the stamp
  • Expressive Arts & Design: exploring and using media and materials

Sophia (2.3yrs) loves to use sponge stampers with paint to create artwork and we have a few that were bought specifically for that purpose. We have a couple of basic shape sponges and some dinosaur ones. I wanted to add to our collection without forking out on lots of new printing sponges so I set out to make our own.

I browsed the cleaning aisle at my local supermarket and came across these cleaning sponges for about £1 for 4.


I selected the shapes I wanted to make from my cookie cutters and began tracing around them onto the sponges. I was able to make quite a few stampers from the sponges which was a bonus! If you are good at drawing you could really be creative with this and make your own designs.

I carefully cut around the shapes to reveal our new sponge stampers. I made a very short tutorial on how I created them here…

They are the perfect size for us, small enough to get a good repeated pattern on paper and big enough to be easy to grip for Sophia’s little hands. They soak up the paint really well and create a great imprint onto the paper.



Sophia’s little fingers got a good work out from pressing and lifting the little sponges. She delighted in seeing the print she had made.




You could extend this activity by encouraging children to make shape and colour patterns with the sponge stampers to develop their mathematical knowledge.

I’m really pleased with how they turned out and hope that they will last us quite some time. Give them a go!


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