Dinosaur Small World Play

Dinosaur Small World Play

Create a dinosaur small world play using everyday objects and watch creativity unfold in a Jurassic world.

Sophia (2.4yrs) has really taken an interest in dinosaurs lately. We all know how essential it is to follow children’s interests so I set about putting together a dinosaur small world for her to explore. I decided to create a mini world in a salad bowl to encourage Sophia’s imagination to come alive.

Dinosaur Small World (4)

Dinosaur Small World (5)

Dinosaur Small World (6)

I looked to add different textures to the small world to create a sensory experience that would interest her little hands. The rubble was actually created from some play dough that I had broken up into small pieces and left to dry. You could also use soil, sand, rice or even pebbles. I also added:

  • a handful of grass
  • a playmobil tree
  • a cave (this is actually a fish tank ornament but a cave could be created easily with some card or an old yogurt pot)
  • some smooth pebbles
  • a jar lid with water and a dot of blue food colouring inside
  • some dinosaurs (of course!)

Dinosaur Small World (3)

I surrounded the small world with dinosaur-themed books so that Sophia could reinforce her learning through exploring the stories that she has been enjoying. Older children may use the resources to act out some of the stories which would link beautifully into Literacy.

Dinosaur Small World (2)

Sophia loved making the dinosaurs stomp around their world and roar very loudly!

Dinosaur Small World (10)

She took a very keen interest in the little watering hole and decided that the dinosaurs would love to have a bath and splash about!

Dinosaur Small World (11)

She also paused and decided to play ‘Row the Boat’ with the T-Rex before popping him back into his cave.

Dinosaur Small World (13)

Dinosaur Small World (1)

This small world was so simple to put together and uses everyday objects to create a low cost activity that can be enjoyed for days!


Dinosaur Small World (7)

Books to accompany this activity (click-able links):

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