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Autumn Tree Fine Motor Threading

Create an Autumn threading activity with beads to encourage the development of fine motor skills. I’ve shared a couple of Autumn ideas so far this season (like our Autumn Tree and the Autumn Play Dough activity)…but I am back with another! Using …
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Magical Fairy Garden :: Small World Play

Small world play is fantastic for fostering many skills in the Early Years; storytelling, imaginative play and language development to name a few. I love to create small worlds in a bowl which makes them easy to access for little fingers and …
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Oobleck Sensory Farm

Oobleck is such a strange and enchanting substance. It is neither fully a liquid or a full solid. It is both runny and solid at the same time which makes for a very interesting sensory experience, especially for little learners.
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Sunflower Series: Invitation to Play

EYFS Area Developed: Understanding the World, Physical Development, Communication and Language & Mathematics (if counting the seeds, pots etc). Following on from my previous post in our Sunflower Series (can be found HERE), on this very sunny Friday morning just gone we …