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Vanilla Chai Play Dough Recipe

Make a batch of warming vanilla chai play dough perfect for Autumn play. Team it with wooden and metal resources to create a Reggio-inspired invitation to play. We love trying out new combinations for play dough, our latest is a Vanilla Chai …
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Tiny Rainbow Cookies

These teeny, tiny rainbow coloured cookies are an enchanting little treat for children and would make a colourful addition to a rainbow themed birthday party!
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Toddler Eats: Carrot & Cumin Muffins

These little muffins are a perfect way to gently introduce your baby to spice. The cumin and carrot marry well to create a sweet flavour and a small kick of spice. With their moist middle and crumbly top they make a tasty …
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Wholegrain Easter Biscuit Recipe

I wanted to make some Easter themed biscuits with Sophia this year as we have some rather lovely Easter biscuit cutters that I’m desperate to use. Traditionally Easter biscuits just have currants in but I wanted to experiment with almond flavour because …