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It is Under the Sea month here on Wings and Roots. Lets start with some sea-themed books that will inspire little minds to explore all things nautical.

There is an abundance of Sea/Beach themed books out there which you can explore at home or in the classroom this month. From stories of nautical journeys to humorous fishy tales, there is something to please all ages and interests.


That’s Not My Mermaid
:: Fiona Watts & Rachel Wells

A sea-themed edition of the popular ‘That’s Not My…’ books. Just as the others, this book has a different texture to feel on each page to keep little hands engaged.

Little Fish (Finger Puppet Books)
:: Klaartje van der Put

The addition of a finger puppet to this story is great for role-play purposes and allows children to really engage with the fishy story.

Busy Beach
:: Rebecca Finn

Busy Beach shows the many things that can be done at the beach; building a sandcastle to buying a cooling ice cream. It has bits to twist, pull and slide on each page making it perfect for inquisitive little hands.

Seaside Poems
:: Jill Bennett

A whole host of funny poems about all things seaside-related. The poems are engaging yet also informative; brilliantly explaining different aspects of the beach and sea.


The Shark in the Dark
:: Peter Bently & Ben Cort

A beautifully illustrated tale of a mean shark who threatens to eat the other sea creatures. Luckily they have a cunning plan to keep themselves safe.

The Singing Mermaid
:: Julia Donaldson

With added sparkle and texture, this book has a sensory surprise on every page. The mermaid is lured away from the ocean to join the circus but it doesn’t turn out to be as exciting as she had hoped thanks to Sam Sly the villain. Can she escape her circus tank and make her way home?

:: Julia Donaldson

Tiddler is a little fish with big, tall tales. He is late to school each morning and invents wild stories for why this is. Through being caught by a fisherman he finds himself lost in the ocean and his tales manage to help him find his way home.

The Snail and the Whale
:: Julia Donaldson

A charming tale of a snail who has wanderlust and wishes to explore beyond his rock. He manages to hitch a lift with a whale but they soon run into trouble. It is the job of the tiny snail to save the day!


Sharing a Shell
:: Julia Donaldson

A fishy exploration of sharing and friendship as a little Hermit crab finds a new shell but wants to keep it all to himself.

Barry the Fish with Fingers
:: Sue Hendra

A humorous story about a fish who, unlike all of his friends, has fingers! Not everybody in the ocean is thrilled about this and Puffy becomes grumpy and jealous.

Commotion In The Ocean
:: Giles Andreae & David Wojtowycz

A poetic, playful book about the different creatures of the ocean. Children will love the bright illustrations and the rhythmic way it is written.

Fidgety Fish
:: Ruth Galloway

Tiddler is a fidgety fish who is always giggling and wriggling so much so that his mum asks him to go out and play. On his journey he meets many different creatures until he reaches a cave…or at least what he thinks is a cave!


The Rainbow Fish
:: Marcus Pfister & J. Alison James

Rainbow Fish loves his gloriously shiny scales and does not want to share them with anyone. Sadly he becomes very lonely as nobody wants to be his friend. Until he comes up with a solution!

A House for Hermit Crab
:: Eric Carle

A beautifully illustrated story of a hermit in his pursuit to find a shell that fits as he grows. A great way to prompt discussions about growing up.

A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea
:: Jessica Law

Based on the rhythmic song, this book tells of all of the animals that are in the hole at the bottom of the sea and talks about their features. This one would be great to read along (or sing!) with musical instruments.

Under the Sea (Usborne Beginners)
:: Fione Patchett

A non-fiction book to look through together and learn about a whole host of sea creatures. It’ll help to answer all of those questions that inquisitive children have.

What are your favourite Ssa-themed books? Let us know in the comments or share with us over on the Wings and Roots Facebook page.


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