Autumn Tree Fine Motor Threading

Create an Autumn threading activity with beads to encourage the development of fine motor skills.

Autumn Tree Threading Activity Wings and Roots

I’ve shared a couple of Autumn ideas so far this season (like our Autumn Tree and the Autumn Play Dough activity)…but I am back with another!

Using similar resources to previous posts I created a little tree scene to help S (2.7yrs) practise her fine motor skills and of course create lots of discussion!

Beaded Autumn Tree Invitation to Play Wings and Roots

I started by adding some play dough (using my usual no-cook recipe) into a little glass pot. I used a brown colour to look soil-like but any colour will work just as well. I then scoured the garden for twigs, making sure they were smooth and free of thorns.

I poked the twigs into the dough and set some beads next to it. We used a combination of plastic and wooden beads in reds, oranges, yellows and browns for an Autumnal burst of colour. Just make sure the bead holes are bigger than the twig width to make sure they will fit on.

A beaded branch Wings and Roots

S had a brilliant time selecting the beads and threading them onto each branch of the tree.

Fine motor beading for Autumn Wings and Roots

We spoke about the leaves and how they have changed colour and fallen down because it is now Autumn. She then put some leaves at the base of the tree to represent the fallen ones.

Bead leaves Wings and Roots

Fine motor beading with twigs and beads Wings and Roots

The end result of these trees creates such a beautiful result that it’s a shame to take the beads off again. They would make a beautiful display in a classroom or other setting to celebrate this time of year!

Beaded Autumn tree for fine motor threading Wings and Roots

I am learning to…

  • talk about some of the things I have observed; such as plants, animals, natural and found objects ::Understanding the World
  • concentrate on the task in hand :: Communication and Language
  • handle objects with increasing control and precision :: Physical
  • combine materials to create a certain effect :: Expressive Arts and Design

Beaded autumn tree Wings and Roots


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