A First, Simple Treasure Basket



Treasure baskets are fantastic for encouraging little ones to explore using all the senses. Babies and toddlers especially seem so interested in common, everyday objects. With this in mind I decided to collect items from around the house to make Squish a ‘treasure basket’ to explore. This basket was completely free to make as we already had all of the items and took no more than 5 minutes to put together. I decided to keep it very simple as it’s his first basket and wanted to use as much wooden, natural material as possible. Have a look around your home and see what you can find! If you are lacking in things to put into your basket, have a look around pound shops; they are usually full of perfect treasure basket objects for very little money.


Squish’s treasure basket includes…

1. Small wooden bowl (from Ikea years ago).

2. A square, wooden coaster.

3. A thick, metal bangle.

4. A microfiber dusting cloth which is very soft and nice to feel.

5. An old shoe brush (I gave this a wash just to make sure it was clean for little fingers and mouths).

6. An old plastic bottle filled with rice (best to superglue the lid shut for safety).

7. A set of wooden salad servers.

Squish spent a long time (about 30-40 minutes) exploring the basket and a week later is still very intrigued by it. The possibilities are endless and as he grows he’ll find new ways of using the items.

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