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Create a sensory treasure basket with different textured objects and materials to engage little hands.

A treasure basket for babies and toddlers to explore texture


I’ve shared a treasure basket before which would be perfect as a first treasure basket. This time I’m sharing a basket based around different textured items. Treasure baskets are brilliant for babies and toddlers to explore new objects that are readily available from around the home. This means they can be easily switched around on a regular basis to continue to create new experiences as your baby grows.

Texture Treasure Basket (3)

This textured basket creates a sensory-rich experience as little hands explore the objects. I have listed some ideas for a textured treasure basket here but have a look around your home or setting and see what you can find to pop in!

{A quick note on safety; as with all toys, please ensure the items you select are clean and safe to play with; no small objects which pose a choking hazard and, as with every play activity, children should be supervised at all times whilst playing with the basket.}

Texture Treasure Basket (1)


For my textured treasure basket I used:

  • a spikey massage ball
  • a soft baby face cloth
  • a loofah
  • a dish scouring pad
  • a silky piece of material/scarf
  • some loosely scrunched tin foil
  • smooth wooden ring
  • a washed pebble
  • a woolly stuffed toy
  • sponge pad
  • some corrugated cardboard

Texture Treasure Basket (4)

H (6 months) still mouths most objects and did end up putting most of these in his mouth which was fine as they were all clean and safe. He loved examining the objects one by one and it was wonderful for retaining his attention as well as helping to develop his motor skills as he picked up each of the items from the basket.

Texture Treasure Basket (5)

Texture Treasure Basket (6)

Texture Treasure Basket (7)

We have used treasure baskets since S (now 2.4yrs) was very small and I am always amazed by how absorbed they get by these treasures. They show far more interest in them than if they were to have a basket of baby toys; that’s the beauty of heuristic play, it just seems so much more interesting and relevant to them.

Texture Treasure Basket (8)

EYFS Areas Developed:

  • PSED: explores new toys and environments.
  • Literacy: concentrates intently on an object or activity short periods.
  • Physical: explores objects with mouth, reaches out for, touches and begins to hold objects.
  • Expressive Arts & Design: explores and experiments with a range of media through sensory exploration.


Have you tried treasure baskets in your home or setting? What objects have you found to be the most treasured? Leave a comment or come and join the Wings and Roots Facebook page to share with us.

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