Sunflower Series: Invitation to Play


EYFS Area Developed: Understanding the World, Physical Development, Communication and Language & Mathematics (if counting the seeds, pots etc).

Following on from my previous post in our Sunflower Series (can be found HERE), on this very sunny Friday morning just gone we planted our sunflower seeds! It was great fun and was Squiggle’s first experience of planting; she loved it!


Some pictures of our planting…



I wanted to consolidate Squiggle’s learning so set up an ‘Invitation to Play’ so that she could explore planting all over again and put into practice what she had learnt!

First of all I rustled up some cloud dough which is 4 cups of flour mixed well with ½ cup of vegetable oil – it really is that simple! I put it into a ceramic dish and sprinkled coffee granules in just to make it a little more ‘soil-like’.


Other items I added:

  • A ceramic planting pot
  • Small gardening tools
  • Gardening gloves
  • Plastic pots
  • A woolly ladybird
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Handful of bush branches
  • Some daffodil heads




Squiggle loved planting up her sunflower seeds and adding the flowers on top of the pots. She stayed at the activity a long time and used the different resources in lots of different ways.


She enjoyed raking and shovelling the cloud dough, counting out the seeds and planting them, she poked the flowers and the twigs into the pots and used the watering can to pretend to water her flowers.



She even realised that the cloud dough was perfect for making ‘sandcastles’!


This activity can be done as a stand alone activity or to be linked in to any growing topic – it doesn’t need to be sunflowers.

{As always, I love to see your own projects so be sure to share with me via twitter, instagram and facebook what you and your little learners have been up to by using the hashtag #wandrlearners!}

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