Our Library Books #1


We just love the library! Our local one holds a toddler session twice a month where a librarian leads a fun session of singing, crafting and of course…reading stories! After the session has ended we choose some books to bring home.

I thought that I would share our fortnightly books with you all and let you know what we think of them!

This weeks books…



The Huey’s in the New Jumper by Oliver Jeffers
This book was our favourite of the selection. The simple text and illustrations meant it was able to keep 2 year old Sophia’s attention very well…not an easy task! I also really enjoyed the book too, it’s very humorous in places and did make my husband and I chuckle. I would highly recommend this book and am now in search of more books by Oliver Jeffers. All of the Huey’s are exactly the same until one day Rupert decides he fancies wearing a jumper – much to the horror of the rest of the clan! They seem most put out about Rupert being different. Eventually more Huey’s pop up wearing the exact same jumper. Then they are all wearing them exclaiming how different they all are now, only of course they’re all the same again.



Bugs Galore! by Peter Stein
Another humorous book! This one follows a rhyming pattern which makes it lovely to read as it has such a great flow. It describes lots of different types of bug with some bright and bold illustrations – and lots of wacky looking bugs! With lines such as ‘’”Stay away from crawl-on-POO bugs!”, it really resonates with most children’s sense of humour and love for all things rude and silly! A big hit with Sophia and I and it even inspired a bug-themed activity (HERE).



Babies Babies Babies by Catherine and Laurence Anholt
Another rhyming book which explores everything to do with babies; what they eat, what they do, what they look like and plenty more. Having a fairy new baby ourselves I think it really captured Sophia. She’s really enjoying imaginary play with her doll and teddy bears at the moment and this book prompted lots of language development and we used the doll to copy what some of the parents were doing with the babies such as, cuddling, feeding and dancing. There is plenty to point out and talk about!



Have you read any of the books we borrowed? What did you think of them?

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