Oobleck Sensory Farm

Oobleck Sensory Farm

Oobleck is such a strange and enchanting substance. It is neither fully a liquid or a full solid. It is both runny and solid at the same time which makes for a very interesting sensory experience, especially for little learners.

EYFS Area Developed:

  • Understanding the World; discovering animals and the natural world
  • Expressive Arts & Design; engages in imaginative play and builds stories using toys

To make Oobleck:

Combine ½ a cup of cornflour (cornstarch in the US) with 1 cup of water and mix together. You will notice it starts to ‘stick’ at the bottom as you are stirring it. Once combined it is ready!


To make the farm:

  • Green Oobleck
  • Small amount of blue Oobleck
  • Farm animals
  • Small pots
  • Dried beans, corn & lentils


Coupling Oobleck with small world play provided the perfect activity for a rainy afternoon.








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