Magical Fairy Garden :: Small World Play

A magical fairy garden small world play

Small world play is fantastic for fostering many skills in the Early Years; storytelling, imaginative play and language development to name a few. I love to create small worlds in a bowl which makes them easy to access for little fingers and easy transport (see our Dinosaur Small World in a bowl for another play idea).

This time we made a Fairy World! Using the same large salad bowl as my previous world I pressed in some glittery play dough over about two thirds of the bowl  (using our no-cook play dough recipe). I left a little room for the water.

small world fairy garden 1

I lined the back of the bowl with leaves I picked from my garden and added other items into the dough;

  • Golden rocks: I got these from a craft shop in the clearance area but they could easily be recreated by painting or spray painting normal rocks gold
  • Colourful gems: these were off one of my necklaces that had broken
  • Glass pebbles: I got mine from Amazon but they can be found in aquatic or florist shops too
  • Pinecone
  • Colourful wooden beads: from Tiger
  • Wooden pot: from ebay
  • Wands: these are made from toothpicks. I trimmed the sharp ends and used star stickers to create them

small world fairy garden 3

I made a fairy house from a cardboard tube decorated with Sharpie windows and flowers. I also cut a little door. The roof is a yogurt pot.

small world fairy garden 4

small world fairy garden 8

The fairies are wooden dolls
with wings tied onto their backs using a hole punch and twine. I actually used some of S’s artwork to make them.

small world fairy garden 9

Once the world was created I added some water to the part of the bowl without play dough. It had a little blue food colouring in and some golden glitter for extra magic!

small world fairy garden 5

I left bowls of some of the resources on the side to allow for S (2.5yrs) to customise the world and explore the loose parts.

small world fairy garden 2

As she played she created her own story and made the little fairies speak to one another. Splashing in the water and stepping on the golden stones were a particular favourite.

small world fairy garden 7

The fairies were busy casting lots of spells!

small world fairy garden 6

I am learning…

  • to build and extend vocabulary through play experiences :: Communitcation & Language
  • to concentrate for longer periods of time at an activity of interest :: PSED
  • to enjoy playing with small world models :: Understanding the World
  • to build stories around toys and small world scenes :: Expressive Arts and Design

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