DIY Busy Bottle

DIY Busy Bottle 2

My daughter Sophia has not long turned two years old. She’s at that age where language and words are so exciting to her and there is a constant dialogue as we proceed through our days; naming objects, describing how she feels and, of course, asking questions! This love of language coupled along with her on going curiosity and inquisitiveness make this ‘Busy Bottle’ the perfect DIY toy to provide learning and fun!


Busy Bottles (sometimes known as I-Spy bottles) are great for so many occasions. They are perfect for travelling and helping to keep little ones entertained during long journeys as well as being fantastic calmers. There is something relaxing about tipping the bottle and hearing the rice gently clatter against on the bottle, not to mention how easy it is to get completely sucked into finding all of the objects.


To make a Busy Bottle you will need:

  • A clean, plastic bottle (with a large neck and opening if possible)
  • Rainbow rice (tutorial HERE)
  • A selection of treasures; I used, farm animals, dinosaurs, beads, buttons, bells, googly eyes, cannellini beans
  • Superglue or a hot glue gun for securing the lid closed


Then just put it all together! It’s a good idea to only fill the bottle about three quarters to ensure there is enough space for your child to be able to shake and find the objects within.




If you prefer visual instructions then you are in luck! I filmed a tutorial showing this process too…

Busy Bottles can be customised to feed into your little one’s interests or to help them with a particular skill (such as number or phonics)! Give it a go!


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