Digging for Jewels

Digging for jewels creative play

My mum gave Sophia (age 2.3yrs) a little set of plastic, shiny jewels recently. Of course, Sophia thinks they are just about the most exciting things she has ever come across and kept referring to them as her ‘treasure’. It was her calling it this that sparked the idea of a digging activity for the jewels.

EYFS Areas Developed:

  • Mathematics: sorting and categorising objects
  • Physical: using one handed tools for a purpose
  • Expressive Arts & Design: imaginative and pretend play

Combining both sensory and physical play, this an engaging activity for toddlers and pre-schoolers.


I set up this sensory play activity in my trusty casserole dish and whipped up a quick batch of our Scented Cloud Dough (it’s official, we love this stuff! It truly is a versatile play resource!). I added a drop of coconut scent this time and mixed in some glitter for added sparkle.


I mixed in the jewels, made a mound of the dough and added scoops and a rake to help Sophia to dig and find her glorious treasure.



This would make a fun activity on it’s own but I decided to make it a little more challenging by encouraging her to sort the jewels as she found them. To do this I used a silicone cupcake tray and put one of each of the different jewels next in each hole for her to sort the correct jewels into each hole.




As you can see, this activity was a huge hit! Once I modelled what to do Sophia needed very little adult support and delighted in completing the activity by herself.


Once she had finished she tipped all of the jewels back into the cloud dough and started all over again!


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