Colour Sorting Cupcakes

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EYFS Areas Developed:

  • Expressive Arts & Design: exploring colour
  • Physical: developing fine motor control

Sophia is at the age where she’s interested in matching and sorting colours. She can identify and name the colours but I wanted an activity where she could sort a couple of different colours, that’s how I came up with the Colour Sorting Cupcake activity.



I used play dough to make ‘cupcakes’ in 6 cupcake cases and popped them into a muffin tin for extra imagination and fun. I chose to do this with two colours; green, purple and blue, but you could use more or less depending on your child’s ability. On a separate plate I then collected some crafty bits and pieces in matching colours. I used some old ‘happy birthday’ candles I had, buttons, beads and pom-poms. I made sure that I only used the colours of the cupcakes just to make the task more achievable for Sophia. If your child is older or know their colours really well then you could just add a range of all colours for your child to sort through and choose the right ones.


I modelled the activity for a few of the decorations and then let her get to work!


I was really impressed with how well she was able to sort the colours and decorate the cupcakes.

At the end we pretended to blow out the candles on our pretty cupcakes!


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