Colour Matching with Art and Loose Parts

Combine art and colour matching with this creative and playful learning activity using children’s art work and loose parts.Colour Matching with Art Main Image

S (2.4yrs) has a game which contains four brightly coloured pictures with some holes in them and lots of colourful wooden pegs. The aim is to match the right coloured peg into each hole. She loves this game but we’ve played it so many times that it wasn’t really posing any challenge to her any longer.

I loved the premise of the game so I set about finding a more creative way to use the ideas. That’s how this activity was born. It develops children’s artistic skills as well as helping them distinguish between different colours. I also love it’s way of encouraging children to really take ownership over their fantastic artwork.

Colour Matching with Art 1

Colour Matching with Art 3

We got out our tempura block paints
and free painted onto white card. I made sure that I set out red, green, blueand yellow paints to match the glass pebbles I was going to use.

Colour Matching with Art 9

We made a couple of different paintings to keep for this activity.

Once the paintings were dry we could start our game! We filled a dish with the glass pebbles and I was impressed to see that S didn’t need any instruction; she’d already figured out what to do.

Colour Matching with Art 4

Colour Matching with Art 5

She loved matching the coloured pebbles to the differently coloured patches of her painting, naming each colour as she did so.

Colour Matching with Art 8

The painting filled with coloured, shiny pebbles and looked fantastic! She decided she wanted to start it over again and carefully counted the pebbles back into the bowl, developing her maths skills.

Colour Matching with Art 10

In the Early Years Classroom

This activity is perfect to bring into the classroom, setting or home-school. It can be easily adapted to extend and challenge learning further. Ways you could do this…

  • use a wider range of colours
  • instead of providing pebbles, ask children to find their own items to colour match

I am learning…

  • to distinguish between and match colours
  • to combine media to create artwork
  • to make marks using paint and paper

:: all linking into Expressive Arts and Design


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