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Shell and Pearl Number Matching Game

Put together this nautically themed number matching game using shells and ‘pearls’ to develop children’s mathematical learning. I don’t know about you, but we are always looking for new and fun ways to explore numbers and maths. This activity is certainly that; …
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Stacking Cup Number & Counting Game

I’m sure that most people have stacking cups in their home; they seem to be a staple of any children’s toybox. Here is a new way to use them for older toddlers to help with both number recognition and counting skills (with …
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Digging for Jewels

My mum gave Sophia (age 2.3yrs) a little set of plastic, shiny jewels recently. Of course, Sophia thinks they are just about the most exciting things she has ever come across and kept referring to them as her ‘treasure’. It was her …