A Rainbow Sensory Bin

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After making my Rainbow Rice (video tutorial HERE), I just knew that I had to set up a rainbow sensory bin to put it into action. Other than the many colours to explore, I also wanted to make scooping and tipping a main objective too. Here is what I came up with…

EYFS Area Developed:

  • Physical: developing control in handling tools
  • Expressive Arts and Design: explores colour and uses tools for a purpose

I used a plastic tub that I bought a while ago. It is sold as an under-bed storage box so is quite shallow; easy for little ones to reach in to. I filled it with coloured bowls, spoons, beads and the rainbow rice. I also added in a melon baller, measuring spoons, scoops and a rake.


Sophia spent a long time at this activity. At first she started matching the coloured beads with the coloured rainbow rice which was great!


She then moved to scooping and pouring the rice into the different pots and mixing up the rice.


The coloured rice mixed together made such a lovely effect.

Snapshot 1 (03-05-2015 21-08)

We both found this activity very calming, there is something so relaxing about picking up the rice and letting it fall again.

Snapshot 2 (03-05-2015 21-10)

Give this rainbow sensory bin a go and watch your little one explore colours and develop their fine motor skills!


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