Monthly Archive:: August 2015

Autumnal play dough and loose natural parts  Wings and Roots slider im

Autumn Play Dough and Forest Treasures

In Autumn we always seem to gravitate towards the forest. With the crunchy leaves under foot, the slight chill in the air and the abundance of colours, it’s a wonderful place to be! The forest also provides an endless supply of wonderful …
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Fine Motor Tray :: Sorting Yarn Scraps

Set up a simple Montessori inspired activity with yarn scraps. As children sort the yarn they develop their fine motor muscles and ability to distinguish between different features. I love to crochet and S (2.6yrs) finds it fascinating to explore the many …

Invitation to Create :: Coffee Play Dough

Set out a simple invitation to create coffee play dough using plain dough and soaked coffee grounds. This activity fosters fine motor skills and creativity. As well as having a wonderful smell, coffee grounds provide some interesting texture to this play dough …